Are Our Eyes Deceiving Us?

There has always been an endless quarrel between how women are perceived in reality and how they are presented in differing forms of media. However, it seems that as of late this digitally-altered misrepresentation of the “ideal female body” is also being criticized by conventional media sources.

In all forms of media, women are presented so as to conform to beauty standards of society, in forms of digital print media this standard is readily emphasized. Magazines ensure that their models and individuals woman-being-photoshoppedphotographed conform to their perception of the “ideal female body.” This is ensured by hiring digital artists who are given one goal to aim for, to slim down women. Airbrushing is becoming all too common in the beauty industry; The reality is altered and concealed, and the result considered more beautiful.

Digital artists through the use of Adobe Photoshop and other image-editing software are directed to make individuals fit the prerequisites of beauty which the magazine sets. This more beautiful result is most often associated with being slimmer and of less body weight. This begs the question as to how such prerequisites of beauty are set in the first place, as being underweight is often overlooked and not associated with being unhealthy. You find women on every Forskolin 1020 review site that are yearning to look like women in the magazines.

The false representation of women in magazines fuels an endless cycle of inadequacy amongst women who are overly conscious about their body image. Even in individuals who are not conscious about their body image, such representations of body image may subconsciously change their attitudes and ideas of body image. It is this conscious acknowledgment by individuals which gives rise to action being taken, involving any means of weight loss, be it exercise or the use of weight loss supplements such as Forskolin 1020.

Some women may work very hard to ensure that they are the ideal weight to be photographed, but the hard work they put into making sure they are as slim as possible may have detrimental effects on their health, given their reduced eating habits. It is often here where women turn to supplements such as Forskolin 1020 to aid in the weight loss process. Even after all the hard work and effort to be as slim as possible to meet the standards of beauty required by magazines, photos are still digitally altered to make women even thinner than what would be considered healthy. And so the cycle of inadequacy comes full turn.